Hi there... Woodie Taylor here! I specialise in Indie Pop/Art Rock/Garage Punk music production & mixing. I'm always on the lookout for more good bands/solo artists to work with and my rates are very reasonable. Using the warmth of vintage analogue equipment (including reel to reel tape machines) and Pro Tools with the latest digital plug-ins, I can draw out the key elements of a performance - whether that's adding energy to "dry" recordings or enhancing the subtleties.

If you've got an engineer that doesn't understand the sound you're after or if you record yourself but can't get the right results mixing, you should drop me

a line at [email protected] Don’t be shy!


I love editing too (2-track or multi-track) - if you have a song that needs lengthening/shortening or just generally tweaking, I can do that as well - all seamlessly.


Hopefully, you will know what I can add to a recording from the many tracks I've produced/mixed/recorded for Comet Gain (Realistes LP, Broken Record Prayers LP - inc. Love Without Lies & You Can Hide Your Love Forever).

Some of the other bands I've worked with include:

Love Is All (9 Times The Same Song LP - inc. Make Out, Fall Out, Make Up & Busy Doing Nothing)

SHRAG (Both LPs inc. Rabbit Kids)

The Proper Ornaments (Wooden Head LP)

Veronica Falls (Beachy Head & Stephen)

Help Stamp Out Loneliness (Self titled LP inc. Cellophane & Palma Violence)

- Please see the VIDEOS page -


You may not know, I'm the drummer in Comet Gain, was Morrissey’s drummer on the classic Vauxhall & I LP (having started off life with the Meteors), so my experience is vast!


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