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In some-kind-of chronological order, I've drummed on recordings by:



Facebook Meteors live pic sq BnW

The Daleks (1980 EP - Rejected/Man Of The World/This Life)



The Meteors (Teenagers From Outer Space LP - 1982 sessions,                             Mutant Rock, The Hills Have Eyes)



The Escalators (Moving Staircases LP, Something's Missing,                                   Munsters Theme)

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The Tall Boys (Island Of Lost Souls, Another Half Hour Til Sunrise)

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The Johnson Family (I Don't Wanna Boyfriend I Just Wanna                                         Motorcycle)



Morrissey (Vauxhall & I LP inc. The More You Ignore Me The Closer                  I Get, Now My Heart Is Full, Billy Budd & Speedway),                       Boxers EP, Interlude w/Siouxsie Sioux)






The Shillelagh Sisters (Tyrannical Mex LP)

Kirsty MacColl (Perfect Day w/Evan Dando



Holly Golightly


The Broke Revue (Old-Time Future-Shock LP)


Comet Gain


Bands I've played with live... a lot of the above plus... now let me think...

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